Want to get involved and join VBTCR? Without a great community of members competing and behind the scenes it wouldn’t be possible to run this league. We’re always looking for new people that love sim racing (or even just real racing) as much as we do to join our community. If you’re looking for a fun and friendly league to join that still has the structure and presentation of professional motorsport you’ve come to the right place!


Would you like to be on the VBTCR grid? Just complete the steps below and you could be…

  1.  Make sure you join the VBTCR Discord Server.
  2. Read the Rules & Regulations of the League.
  3. Pay the Entrance Fee for the Season (Linked down below).
  4. Complete the Entry Form (You’ll be emailed this within 24 hours of paying the entry fee).
  5. Check the FAQ or ask any questions in the server if you’re not sure about something.
  6. Have Fun!

And it’s as easy that! We cant wait to see you on the track…