Round 5 Knockhill Race Report | Season 2

With season two of the VBTCR championship being a shortened five round season, it means that unfortunately we are already at the final races of the season. A shortened championship has resulted in an even closer championship battle in the drivers and teams championships, but has still retained the superb VBTCR racing that keep us all coming back week after week. For the second consecutive season, we headed to Knockhill in Scotland for the final round of the championship but to help keep things interesting, this time we would run the circuit in the reverse configuration. Knockhill Racing Circuit is located in Fife, just six miles north of Dunfermline. It opened in September 1974 and is the only FIA approved circuit in Scotland. The short 1.27 mile (2.04 Km) circuit always promises to deliver close proximity racing but the reverse configuration gives the drivers a new challenge, navigating the same corners of the circuit that we know and love but in a direction that much of the grid wouldn’t have ever driven before.


Having qualified no lower than second in every qualifying session he took part in this season, it was eTeamHARD – Heusinkveld driver Roman Paerschke who once again put his Hyundai Veloster on pole position to earn his third pole of the season. Insignia Racing driver Derek Crowther had a great qualifying session to put himself alongside Roman on the front row with Thomas Dandridge third, Jon Bayliffe fourth and Shane Dunn having his best qualifying of the season and starting on the third row, in fifth.

Elliott James was the highest qualifying rookie driver this week, starting all the way up in 6th position but with fellow rookie Johannes Leppitt starting just behind him in 7th and hungry for the top spot in the rookie championship, the fight for the rookie win in race one was set to be a cracker!

race One


With Roman on Pole and Thomas starting right behind, both drivers knew they had to take as many points as they could out of Ryan Elliotts lead, with Ryan having to start from the back of the grid, this was the best chance both drivers would have before going into the unknown that is the reverse grid race. Roman got away well but it was Jon Bayliffe in his Civic Type R that got the best start, shooting all the way up into 2nd place before entering turn one. Starting right at the back of the grid, Ryan Elliott knew that he had to gain as many places as possible in this race to try and maintain his points lead and he did exactly that, working his way up to 15th place by the end of the opening lap. But another challenge was thrown at the Veloster driver when his car appeared to merge with that of Fraser Geraghty’s in turn one. The mightiest of net codes eventually put Ryan’s car sideways across the track and left his to fight back from last place, once again.

Johannes Leppitt was looking for another Rookie win, trying to solidify his place at the top spot of the Rookie championship and he started that off well, running in 8th by the end of lap one, with the next placed Rookie, Mike Skye a few positions behind. 

The battle for 2nd overall entertained us all throughout the race but left Roman with the opportunity to drive off into a healthy lead, finishing over 16 seconds ahead of Thomas Dandridge in 2nd place. Johannes secured yet another Rookie class win and after a superb battle for the 2nd place Rookie spot, it was Scott Morris who bested Alfie Mcgarrity for the other two podium positions.

Ryan Elliott once again fought his way back up the grid to finish in 10th. Roman and Thomas had done all they can to close the points gap, meaning that the Drivers Championship would go down to the final race of the season.


race two - reverse grid race

Jon Bayliffe technically started in pole position for the reverse grid race but Jacob Money decided that pole should’ve been his. With perhaps the biggest jump start any of us have ever seen, Jacob shot up over the grass to somehow enter turn one in 1st place. His enjoyment of leading the race was short lived however, with a stop and go penalty to serve, he was put back to last place for his crimes.

There was a lot of concern heading to Knockhill for the reverse grid race, but as has been shown on a few occasions this season, a small, technical track can actually bring out some of the best racing and for the second season in a row, Knockhill did not disappoint! With the usual battles throughout the entire field, the reverse grid race made for an excellent, exciting watch.

With the title fight well and truly still on, Roman and Thomas drove an excellent race to finish 4th and 7th respectively, but it was the championship leader who unbelievably claimed his first win of the season to clinch that drivers title! Jon Bayliffe had a very well deserved race two podium, finishing just 4 seconds behind Ryan with Derek Crowther getting a fantastic double podium, finishing in 3rd for the second time of the evening.

Alfie Mcgarrity took his second Rookie class win of the season, an excellent second half of the season for the Spud Motorsport driver with Johannes Leppitt coming home in 2nd of the Rookies and Will Martin rounding out the Rookie podium.


There we have it, another VBTCR championship in the books and what a season it was! With ten races, we have had seven different winners from six different teams. We have had a win from each of the four cars in the championship and have even had a rookie win a race overall! But most importantly, we have had 40 drivers take part who have been great, competitive racers who have been thrilling to watch race, and we hope they have enjoyed every moment of their time in the VBTCR championship.

It has been such a competitive season with drivers such as Thomas Dandridge and Roman Paerschke taking the championship fight right down to the final race of the season but five rounds in and after accounting for drop weeks we can confirm that it is Ryan Elliott who shall be named the VBTCR Drivers Champion! After a couple of rounds it looked as though the championship really could have gone to a multitude of drivers but Ryan kept plugging away each week, earning podium after podium and picking up plenty of points along the way. He finally sealed the deal in the final race of the season, picking up a well deserved race win that secured his place at the top of the championship.

The rookies championship was arguably even tighter than the overall drivers championship, with four or five drivers going into the final round who had a legitimate chance of taking home the rookie’s trophy. After an excellent season from drivers like Alfie Mcgarrity and Will Martin, it was TR Powered by Geekz Energy driver Johannes Leppitt who managed to finish the season as the VBTCR Rookie Champion! Johannes missed the first two rounds of the championship but with a drop week, an overall race win and plenty of other excellent results along the way it was a very well deserved win.

With plenty of big name teams competing in the championship this season, the Teams Championship was one we have been watching with great interest. Goldwing Motorsports put up a great fight to finish in third overall, Pulsus eSports had a big improvement over last season to finish second but it was eTeamHARD – Heusinkveld who came out on top to be named VBTCR Teams Champions! Roman and Ryan have had standout results in every race this season, working well together to pick up big points in each and every round showing that you don’t need a big three or four driver team to finish well in the championship.

It’s been great to see so many drivers fighting it out not only for themselves, but also as part of a team. A big congratulations to everyone who took part this season, whether they picked up wins, podiums, personal bests or even just enjoyed the experience, we want to thank every one of you for taking part and helping make VBTCR the highly entertaining championship it has been once again! Make sure to give the race broadcast a watch over on our YouTube channel to see exactly how the championship concluded at Knockhill!

Round 4 Tsukuba Race Report | Season 2

Already we are at the penultimate round of the championship and in the VBTVR that can only mean one thing… it’s time for the Joker Round! The Joker Round is held at a track voted for by the drivers and fans. For season two the voting theme was an ‘Asian Escape’, Suzuka, Okayama and Twin Ring Motegi were all on the list but it was Tsukuba that came out on top, with just over 48% of the votes going to the small, technical 2km circuit. Tsukuba is located in Shimotsuma, a neighboring city of Tsukuba, Japan. It is around 60 km north of central Tokyo. 

The track was first conceived in 1966, but officially opened in June 1970. In its heyday the circuit hosted rounds of the All-Japan F3 Championship as well as the Japanese Touring Car series, but it was time attack which really helped Tsukuba become as popular as it has, so much so that being able to obtain the fastest lap around the course became a badge of honour to the locals. Official Time Attack competitions began being organised in the mid-90s and Tsukuba became its holy temple. However, for a lot of us it was video games such as Gran Turismo that introduced us to the Japanese circuit, which meant that Tsukuba became widely known to an audience who almost certainly would never set a foot on the circuit in real life.


Being such a short lap means that every tenth or even hundredth of a second counts even more than usual, combining that with the fact that Tsukuba is the shortest track we’ve visited in the VBTCR championship ensured that this was the most difficult qualifying session that the drivers have faced so far. 

Even with all of this, for a third time in four rounds it was newly named eTeamHARD – Heusinkveld who managed yet another front row lock out. Roman Paerschke sent his Hyundai Veloster to the top of the timing sheet with a rapid 58.410 second lap. Romans team mate, Ryan Elliott only just missed out on pole with a lap time that was just 0.12 seconds off of the optimum pace.

Goldwing Motorsport driver Duncan Marais was the best of the Hondas and would start third on the grid. Ryan Smith and Thomas Dandridge rounded out the top five.

Scott Morris was the highest qualifying rookie driver this week, starting way up in 12th position. An excellent lap from the TR powered by Geekz Energy driver!

race One


With such a short run down to turn one at Tsukuba, the chance to gain big off of the start was small, but that did not deter Ryan Smith who had an excellent start from fourth in his Audi RS3, to promote himself upto second place by the time the drivers were turning into the first corner. Roman Paerschke got away well and ensured that he retained the lead without any issue. The Hyundai Veloster seems to always be the slowest car off of the line and Tsukuba was no exception, costing Elantra drivers such as Mark McCabe, Paul Clist and Alfie Mcgarrity multiple places on the opening lap.

An opportunistic move from Rikki Edwards into turn one unfortunately didn’t pay off as he dipped two wheels onto the grass during braking which sent his Audi RS3 sideways and into potentially VBTCR’s unluckiest driver, Johannes Leppitt who was sent back to the pits for repairs once again through no fault of his own. The rest of the drivers navigated the twists and turns of the opening lap at Tsukuba without incident, with just a few friendly bumps and nudges between the cars.

One great thing about racing at such a short track was the fact that it kept the whole field close together, drivers were having to plan overtakes three or four corners before they wanted to make the move as they knew that if they got out of line and didn’t get the overtake done, it could easily drop them two, three or four places before they could slot back in. 

One driver that didn’t have to worry about all of that though was Roman Paerschke, the eTeamHARD – Heusinkveld driver has repeatedly shown us this season that he knows how to convert pole poisition to a win and that’s exactly what he did here, earning his third victory of the season. His teammate Ryan Elliott finished just a few seconds behind to earn maximum points for the team with Jon Bayliffe driving a superb race to come home in third, his best VBTCR finish so far. Mark McCabe drove well to finish in 7th and so did Dan Thornton in 8th, both earning their highest finishes of the season.

Spud Motorsport driver Alfie Mcgarrity finished at the top of the rookies podium, finishing 15th overall. He was closely followed by Scott Morris in 16th overall who drove an excellent race after starting from the pit lane.


race two - reverse grid race

Knowing that Tsukuba is such a tight track with limited overtaking opportunities I think I can safely say that almost all of us were expecting some form of carnage to break out, especially during the start of the reverse grid race. Scott Morris and Fraser Geraghty had a coming together into turn one which spun Fraser out and left Paul Clist nowhere to go, dropping both drivers right the way to the back of the field but other than that all of the drivers managed to safely navigate lap one. 


The opening few laps were exciting to watch with multiple battles going on, particularly between Jon Bayliffe and the two eTeamHARD – Heusinkveld drivers, but lap four was the end of the battle for Jon as he struck a stranded Honda Civic coming out of the penultimate corner, resulting in him towing back to the pit lane. Shane Dunn met the same fate having no way to avoid the stationary car and losing a front wheel in the process. 

But up front there was a three way battle going on for the lead of the race, Rikki Edwards had managed to jump into first at the start of the race however Johannes Leppitt and Dan Thornton were quickly hunting him down. Rikki did an excellent job to hold onto the  lead for the first six laps but a slightly wide line into the final turn allowed Johannes to slip through the gap and into the lead of the race. The battle continued but it was a class drive from Johannes that earnt the TR powered by Geekz Energy driver his and the teams first VBTCR win! Not only this but it was also the first time ever that a rookie driver has taken an overall VBTCR win. Sam Vanolst drove an almost unbelievable race two to come from 20th on the grid and finish up in 2nd place whilst Ryan Elliott rounded out the podium.

With Johannes taking the overall and rookies win, it was Scott Morris who came 2nd of the rookies, an excellent 10th place overall and Duncan Steele who finished third of the rookies, 11th place overall which was his highest overall finish of the season so far.


So that’s the joker round completed, now eight races in we have had six different winners from six different teams. Thanks to Johannes, the Hyundai Elantra has finally taken it’s first VBTCR race win meaning that each of the four cars in the championship have now won at least one race! It’s onto the final round next at Knockhill and it’s guaranteed to be a good’en!

Ryan Elliott is still sat at the the top of the championship standings and even after managing to open up his lead, Thomas Dandridge is still only fifteen points behind. With 55 points for a race win it really is all to play for going to Knockhill! Marytn Pearson had an excellent couple of races this week and is another driver who has a very realistic chance of finishing in that top spot. Sam Vanolst is just two points behing Martyn and Ryan Smith rounds out the top five.

A race two win as sent Johannes Leppitt all the way to the top of the rookies standings, Paul Clist is now in second and will be looking to reclaim that top spot at the final round of the season. Duncan Steele is in third, Alfie Mcgarrity fourth and William Martin fifth. Just 28 points separates the top 5 drivers in the rookies championship, one podium finish at Knockhill could very much earn any of these drivers the rookie championship!

The teams championship is looking just as tight, but with eTeamHARD – Heusinkveld retaining their place at the top, can anyone challenge Roman and Ryan going into the last round of the season? Pulsus eSports are still holding their spot in second whilst its Goldwing Motorsports who have reclaimed their place in third.

Make sure to give the race broadcast a watch over on our YouTube channel to see exactly how it all went down at Tsukuba!

Round 3 Oulton Park Race Report | Season 2

For round three of the VBTCR championship we headed to Oulton Park in Cheshire, where the drivers were running on the tight, technical 2.69 mile (4.33 km) International circuit. Oulton Park played host to the first round of the TCR UK championship in 2022 and throughout the remainder of the year will feature the Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship, Bennetts British Superbike Championship and the ever-popular British F3/GT event. 

Set in a former country estate, Oulton Park’s sweeping contours, picturesque setting and challenging layout are a few reasons as to why this is one of England’s most popular race tracks. The first race was organised for Formula 3 cars and motorcycles in August 1953 where the circuit was a hit from the start, attracting tens of thousands of fans to events right from it’s first year of operation. This success has continued right up to the present day, now with thanks to the superb views of the circuit from the extensive spectator banking that allows crowds of up to 35,000 to regularly visit the circuit for the annual round of the BTCC.


The drivers seem to all be getting the hang of the VBTCR 15 minute open qualifying session now. Even with the narrow corners of Oulton Park, drivers were able to create space for their hot laps and allow others to pass when necessary. It was great to see all of the competitors driving with respect for each other and once again having a super clean qualifying session.

The Mad4Mini – Heusinkveld team was back out in full force today with the return of Roman Paerschke but it was his team mate, Ryan Elliott who put his Hyundai Veloster on pole position with Roman earning the team their second front row lock out of the season.  

Ignium Motorsport driver Chris Young put in a superb lap in his Hyundai Elantra to earn third place on the grid, which is the highest an Elantra has qualified this season. Michael Gray and John Bayliffe rounded out the top five in their Civic Type R’s.

Rikki Edwards was the highest qualifying rookie driver this week, starting up in 18th position put him in a perfect spot to earn some solid points and try to move up the rookie standings.

race One


Ryan Elliott has struggled to get his Veloster off of the line all season and unfortunately, race one at Oulton was no exception as he found himself down from first to fourth by the time the drivers exited the first corner. Roman Paerschke relished the opportunity that Ryan presented him and jumped straight into the lead. All 30 drivers got away from the line cleanly and there were immediately battles taking place throughout the entire grid which was great to see as a spectator and exciting to be part of as a driver.

It didn’t take long for the bumps and undulations of Oulton Park to start catching a few drivers out, with a few spins off onto the grass occurring in the opening laps giving some drivers more work to do than they would’ve originally planned. VBTCR newcomer Johannes Leppitt had a superb start to the race, becoming the lead rookie driver by the end of the first lap but his success was unfortunately short lived when contact with Jacob Money into turn one sent Johannes into the tyre barriers and forced him to reset back to the pits for repairs. 

An incredible battle for second took place throughout almost the entirety of race one, with drivers including Michael Gray, Chris Young, Ryan Elliott, Jon Bayliffe and Martyn Pearson all switching positions from second through to seventh in what was a thoroughly entertaining duel. However it was Goldwing Motorsport driver Sam Vanolst that managed to earn that hard fought second place, with Ryan Elliott in third. Meanwhile all of the battling going on behind allowed Roman Paerschke to open up a big ten second lead where he could comfortably bring his car home for the win, to become the first driver to win more than one VBTCR race in season two.

The battle for the rookie podium was another close one, but it was TR powered by Geekz Energy driver Scott Morris who came out on top, finishing 15th overall. Paul Clist drove a great race to earn second in the rookies category and after an early spin, Rikki Edwards could be happy with an excellent recovery drive to finish as the third placed rookie driver.


race two - reverse grid race

The full reverse grid put Jack Mace on pole for race two with Johannes Leppitt joining him on the front row where both drivers would be keen to make up for their not so successful race one. 

Insignia Racing driver Fraser Geraghty had a lightning fast start and drove his way up into second place before entering turn one. A few cars got caught up in an incident towards the rear of the field however, almost all of the cars managed to navigate the opening lap unscathed or with minimal time lost. 

Race two usually presents us with a highly entertaining race with drivers battling through the field and this week was no exception, with the regular VBTCR front runners making their way back up the grid but this week it was the battle up front that we couldn’t keep our eyes off. Jack Mace was being hunted down by the likes of Fraser Geraghty, Ryan Smith and Thomas Dandridge from the very first corner right up until the chequered flag but Jack was determined no to give up the chance for his first ever VBTCR win. We witnessed a defensive masterclass from Jack and some superb, clean racing from all of the other drivers involved in the battle. It was excellent to watch and a race that I’m sure all the drivers will remember for a long time.

I’m sure everyone will agree that Jack deserved his first win after that race. Fraser earnt his highest ever VBTCR finish and although he couldn’t quite take the top spot away from Jack, he will be more than happy with that result and so will his team for the large amount of points earned. Rounding out the podium in race two was Thomas Dandridge and with a top ten finish in race one, I’m sure Oulton Park will be a round that the Verve Team Racing driver is more than pleased with.

After the unfortunate race one incident, Johannes Leppitt finished 9th overall and came over the line as the top placed rookie driver. An excellent result for his first ever VBTCR round. Race two saw another solid finish for Rikki Edwards in second, with Duncan Steele rounding out the rookie podium


We’re now over halfway through the season already and six races in we have had five different winners from five different teams. The Hyundai Elantra is still the only car that hasn’t been able to hit the top spot but with Chris Young showing in qualifying that it definitely has the pace to battle up the front, it’s anybody’s guess as to who will take the victories at the next round.

Oulton Park gave us some of the best, most exciting battles of the season so far and it was great to see all of the drivers out there racing cleanly and with lots of respect for each other. Something we are definitely hoping will continue into the remaining two rounds.

Ryan Elliott has walked away from Oulton as the driver at the top of the championship standings, however Thomas Dandridge is only one point behind and looking to reclaim his place as the highest scoring driver. Marytn Pearson had a solid points scoring round and has moved up to third in the championship with Jon Bayliffe and Ryan Smith just a few points behind it’s all very much to play for still.

Paul Clist had his highest points scoring round at Oulton and because of this has found himself now sat at the top of the Rookie’s standings, equal on points with Rikki Edwards. William Martin has had three consistent scoring rounds and now finds him self sat in third.

The teams championship is looking just as tight with Mad4Mini – Heusinkveld now sitting in the top spot but Pulsus eSports are still more than in contention, trailing by just eight points. Sapphire Simsport are third with Goldwing Motorsport just six points behind them in fourth.

Make sure to give the race broadcast a watch over on our YouTube channel to see exactly how it all went down at Oulton Park!

Round 2 Donington Race Report | Season 2

Hello and welcome to the VBTCR race report from the second round of the championship, held at Donington Park in Leicestershire. This week we had 32 cars taking on the 2.487 mile (4.00 km) Grand Prix circuit, all battling it out to have their names at the top of the leaderboard. Donington is one of the most internationally-renowned and historically significant circuits in the world, hosting a variety of motorsport events including the FIM Superbike World Championship, as well as the Bennetts British Superbike, British GT, F3 and of course the Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship. Donington will also host the second round of the TCR UK championship in 2022.


A vastly different track to the opening round at Silverstone would present drivers with many challenges and would perhaps give a few drivers who didn’t fair so well at round one to show their true pace here, at the oldest motorsport circuit still in operation in the UK.


As always, the 15 minute open qualifying session began and drivers were keep to get out on track. Compared to Silverstone however, a lot of drivers seemed to consider their timing when exiting the pits, meaning that generally everyone had a fair bit of space as opposed to half of the grid trying to leave the pits at once. On a shorter track like Donington, this made a big difference to peoples qualifying session. Last rounds pole sitter Roman Paerschke unfortunately couldn’t make the races this week and with such close times at the front of the grid at Silverstone, the opportunity for anyone to take pole position was wide open. 

Once again the lap times at the top of the time sheets were ever so close, but it was Pulsus eSports driver Mats Borge Andersen that managed to find those extra tenths and put his Honda Civic Type R on pole position. Starting alongside Mats was Mad4Mini – Heusinkveld driver Ryan Elliott, keeping his team on the front row once again, even in Roman’s absence. 

UK Sim Racing driver Ell Neal once again put his Audi RS3 onto third place on the grid with Jack Johns and Sam Vanolst rounding out the top five.

Scott Morris was the highest qualifying rookie driver, starting up in 16th position it was a fantastic lap from the TR powered by Geekz Energy driver.

race One


Race one kicked off with a bang, with some close, hard racing right at the front of the grid, contact was made between Ryan Elliott and Jack Johns shortly after turn one which left the unlucky pair that was Ell Neal and Sam Vanolst being caught up in the incident, sent into the barrier and subsequently to the back of the field. The rest of the grid got away cleanly with plenty of side by side battles into turn one and continuing down into the craner curves all while Mats Borge Andersen (who was ahead of the turn one incident) could zoom off up the road and into a nice healthy lead.  Jack Johns managed to pick up a slow down penalty in the process of all this, which on lap one is a disaster that sent him back to around 20th place.

Wheels dipped onto the unforgiving grass caught quite a few drivers out on the opening laps with some getting away with only a loss of a few positions and others being not so lucky and managing to find their way into a barrier. 

Ryan Smith was the biggest beneficiary of the turn one incident, moving up from 9th on the grid to 3rd place where he would stay for the remainder of the race was a fantastic result and a VBTCR best finish for the Audi RS3 driver. Mats Borge Andersen managed to hold a healthy lead for the entire race with Ryan Elliot earning himself another race one 2nd place finish. Chequers Racing driver Peter Galdies deserves a mention as the rookie driver started in 22nd position but managed to drive his was up to a VBTCR best finish of 15th, great progress from the Veloster driver!


race two - reverse grid race

As we all know, race two in the VBTCR means a full reverse grid and after the implementation of the new ‘second chance restart’ process and Silverstone, we were glad to see that it was not needed here. Even with an unlucky Martyn Pearson, who got tagged into turn one and sent sideways across the track, it was great to see everyone alert and proactive in their driving, meaning that everyone made it through cleanly and with minimal time lost.

As always, race two provides us with a vast amount of thrilling battles throughout the whole grid. We had drivers trying to make up for their poor luck in race one, others making the most of the higher starting position that the reverse grid offers them and drivers trying to maximise their points haul after a successful race one.

Ryan Elliot has clearly got the hang of the VBTCR format, fighting his way up to 4th place and getting oh so close to that double podium which very few have managed to achieve. Ell Neal was our race two winner, earning himself a result he knew he deserved after being dealt a bad hand in race one. Goldwing Motorsport driver Sam Vanolst took the fight to Ell for the entirety of the race distance, battling bumper to bumper right up until the final corner but ultimately bringing it home in 2nd place, just 0.429 seconds behind Ell. Chris Young finished off his first round of VBTCR with a well deserved podium, finishing just over 3 seconds behind the leader. Spud Motorsport driver Alfie Mcgarrity was the highest placed rookie driver in race two, another one who suffered from some bad luck early on in race one and managed to make the most of the reverse grid race.


Four races in and we have had four different winners, with the Honda Civic taking two of those victories, the Hyundai Veloster and Audi RS3 taking one each it’s only the Hyundai Elantra that hasn’t been able to make it to the top step so far.

Unsurprisingly with his race win and fifth place in race two, Mats Borge Andersen has managed to knock Thomas Dandridge off of the top spot in the drivers championship. Thomas now sits closely behind in second place, whilst Ryan Elliott has jumped up to third. Even after scoring zero points at the Donington round, Neil Goodacre is still leading the rookies championship which shows just how well he did at Silverstone. It has however given Scott Morris (now in second, trailing by just 5 points) and all of the other rookie drivers the opportunity to close the gap to Neil.

Looking at the teams championship, Pulsus eSports are still sitting in the top spot and with Mad4Mini – Heusinkveld being a driver down this week, UK Sim Racing have managed to jump up to second place.

Make sure to watch the race broadcast over on our YouTube channel to see exactly how it all went down at Donington!

Round 1 Silverstone Race Report | Season 2

VBTCR is back! After a highly successful inaugural season, we are back with another full 40 car grid for some more thrilling touring car action and what better way to kick off the season than heading to the home of motorsport, Silverstone. For the first round of the season we were using the full 3.66 mile (5.89 km) Grand Prix circuit which presented the drivers with plenty of overtaking opportunities and the chance to navigate some of the most famous corners in the world. 

Between the end of season one and now, iRacing treated us to some new TCR goodness in the form of three new TCR cars meaning that for the first time ever the grid was made up of four different vehicles! There were still plenty of the original iRacing TCR Audi RS3’s on track but they are now joined by the Honda Civic Type R, Hyundai Elantra N and the Hyundai Veloster N. 

When we opened up registration for season two we were overjoyed to see lots of familiar names from season one on the sign up forms but also  plenty of new drivers signing up for their first taste of VBTCR, meaning that we go into the season with no idea who will come out on top. 


As is the way in VBTCR, quali was run as a 15 minute open qualifying format, presenting drivers with the challenge of not only being the quickest car out there, but also navigating other traffic and timing their hot laps to perfection. Even with a lot of experienced VBTCR competitors out there, the top three drivers in qualifying were all championship newcomers. The fastest of which was Mad4Mini – Heusinkveld driver Roman Paerschke who put his Hyundai Veloster onto pole position with a blisteringly quick time of 2:13.556. 

Roman was joined on the front row by his team mate, Ryan Elliott who was also driving a Hyundai Veloster. Meaning that it was a front row lockout for the Mad4Mini – Heusinkveld pair on their first time of asking. 

Showing that even with all these new cars in the championship, the Audi RS3 still has plenty of pace was UK Sim Racing driver Ell Neal who managed to secure third on the grid.

race One


It was a dream start for pole man Roman Paerschke who got off the line well and held the lead into turn one. The same can not be said for his team mate Ryan Elliott however, who just couldn’t get that optimal launch from his Hyundai and coincidentally dropped all the way down to 6th place. Further down the grid, an unfortunate bit of oversteer into the first corner turned Dan Thronton around meaning that he collected a couple of cars who did their best to avoid the spinning Audi but overall it was a very clean getaway for the vast majority of the gird. 

Duncan Steele was starting in 20th position and had the honour of being the lead ‘Rookie’ driver (Rookies this season have been decided as the lowest 1/3 of drivers, looking at their iRating as of the time the driers signed up to the championship). TR powered by Geekz Energy driver Scott Morris soon took this away from Duncan however, storming from 22nd up to 17th in just over a lap!

The opening race was and absolute thriller with battles throughout the whole grid almost the entire race. With the top three being just over one second apart as they crossed the line in a battle that went right the way to the last corner, it was a hard fought one-two for the Mad4Mini – Heusinkveld drivers, with Roman taking not only pole position but now his first VBTCR win. Mats Borge Andersen, racing for Pulsus eSports finished out the podium and also claimed the fastest lap of the race. 


race two - reverse grid race

New for season two is the ‘second chance restart’, a process dreamed up by the VBTCR admin team that in the unfortunate event that a large percentage of the field get caught up in an incident in the early stages of a race, neutralises the race and gives those drivers just as the name suggests… a second chance. As the lights went green, a stationary car in the middle of the grid resulted in an almost unavoidable obstacle that resulted in one of those incidents that was just mentioned and therefore the second chance restart was utilised. Make sure to check out the broadcast at the bottom of this page to see how it all worked out!

Race two has always been a fan highlight in VBTCR, with a full reverse grid race it gives every single driver a new challenge and opportunity and once again, when we eventually got underway it did not disappoint. Drivers battling their way through from the back trying to maximise their points haul from this round gave us a bunch of great battles and overtakes throughout. 

Jacob Money was our race two winner, giving himself and his team, Positively Racing a big points haul this round. Thomas Dandridge brought his Hyundai Veloster home in second place whilst setting the fastest lap of the race and Rookie driver Neil Goodacre got an overall podium in race two which is a fantastic result for the Spotless Motorsport driver!


With Hondas, Hyundais and Audi’s on the podiums as well as six different podium position drivers, this season is shaping up to be a cracker! 

Thomas Dandridge walks away as the championship leader after this round with Martyn Pearson and Roman Paerschke tied on point for second we can see this becoming a very competitive season. Unsuprisingly, Neil Goodacre is leading the rookies championship after that race two podium with Miko Skye and Scott Morris in second and third, respectively. 

Over in the teams championship its Pulsus eSports that is leading the way with Mad4Mini – Heusinkveld just three points behind. Sapphire Simsport are sitting in third and will be looking at closing the gap to Pulsus at the next round. The big shock is season one teams podium finishers Spud Motorsport who are all the way down in sixteenth position, they will be hoping that round two will treat them much better and allow them to start climbing back up the table.

Make sure to watch the race broadcast over on our YouTube channel to get a full experience of what went down at Silverstone!

Season One Roundup

Just like that, after 9 high intensity rounds of close battles, superb overtakes and just overall fantastic touring car racing the inaugural season of the Virtual British Touring Car Championship is over! From all of us here at VBTCR, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has taken part in any of the rounds, watched the broadcasts or even just followed the championship on our socials. Our aim was to create an enjoyable, competitive iRacing league for absolutely anyone who has the desire to compete. 18 races later, we feel as though that aim was achieved.


The rookies championship was open to anyone who started the season with less than 1500 irating. Eight drivers took part in the rookies championship and it was one that had many lead changes throughout the season but there was only one driver that could come out on top and that was Simpli Digi driver Jack ‘The Iron Man’ Newell! A well deserved title for a driver that consistently showed up throughout the season and was always battling his way through the field. The top three finished as follows:

1st  – Jack Newell

2nd – Tom Holland

3rd – Alfie Mcgarrity



The teams championship was quite honestly dominated by Impulse Racing, with them being the highest points scoring team in every single round throughout the season. The battle for the remaining places on the podium was an entertaining one with multiple teams finding them selves as high as second place throughout the season but the top three finished up as follows:

1st – Impulse Racing

2nd – Luminous Racing

3rd – Spud Motorsport



Now onto the big one, the overall drivers championship! After a hard fought season that went right down to the final round before being decided it was Luminous Racing driver Terje Flåten that came out on top. With 6 race wins and 9 podium finishes it was a very much deserved title.

1st – Terje Flåten

2nd –  Martijn Asschert

3rd – Andreas Gillmann

Round 5 Oulton Park Race Report | Season 1

Almost unbelievably we are now over halfway through the season, having just completed round five at the brilliant 2.69 mile (4.33 km) circuit that is Oulton Park! The event was run on the International loop without the Hislops chicane; giving the drivers plenty of opportunity to stretch the legs of their Audi RS3’s. Oulton Park is located in Cheshire, England and having been in use for more than 60 years it has gathered a reputation for being the country’s toughest test for both car and driver. The track regularly plays host to rounds of the Bennetts British Superbike Championship, the ever-popular British F3/GT event and of course the Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship. Terje Flåten is still heading the drivers championship but with Dan Mould closing in at Oran Park it’s all to play for in the second half of the season!


The qualifying section of the race report is almost becoming a copy and paste now, yet again Luminous Racing driver Terje Flåten has put his Audi TCR onto pole position, now making that four races in a row! 1:39.402 was the time that not one of the other twenty seven drivers could beat. To keep things consistent, Damien Owen Harris from Fiercely Forward has now managed to put his car onto the front row three times in as many races, but that first pole position is still to come. The rest of the top five was full of Impulse Racing drivers with Martijn Asschert starting the race from third, Christopher Emms in fourth and Jan Böhl in P5. The Impulse team have done all they can to set themselves up nicely for what could be a heap of points in the teams championship.

race One


Both Terje Flåten and Damien Owen Harris managed to get of the line well, a slow start from the Impulse drivers left  Jan Böhl with some fairly hard defending to be done before even reaching turn one however the top five remained the same off of the line. VBTCR newcomer Mats Borge Andersen got straight into some proper touring car racing spending the first few corners side by side with Dan Mould resulting in a battle that would last the first few laps. Jan Böhl was unlucky enough to be nudged out wide at Shell Oils corner, sending the Impulse driver all the way down to seventeenth position. There were no real big movers on the opening lap but Tom Holland did well in getting up to twenty fifth position after starting down in last place. 

James Birch was the first victim of the Britten’s chicane tyre stack, just trying to cut a bit too close but ultimately making contact and forcing him to tow back to the pit lane. Duncan Marais was sat just a few tenths of a second behind James and did what he could to avoid the out of control Audi but also ended up with a large amount of damage.

The remainder of the race was full of great battles all the way through the field, one highlight was that of Shane Dunn and Scott Malcolm. Scott was within half a second of Shane for around ten of the twenty minute long race, a stellar defence from Shane meant that Scott just couldn’t find a way past but it was great racing to watch from both drivers.  

In the closing stages Jan Böhl’s race just went from bad to worse, picking up a drive through penalty for exceeding the incident limit of the race; arguably very unlucky due to the contact received in the opening lap of the race. The biggest controversy was saved for the last lap of the race however, in a move that gave us all flashbacks of ‘that Honda crash’ from 2011 in BTCC, Damien Own Harris sent his Audi up the inside of Terje Flåten at Lodge Corner, making contact but taking the lead. Both drivers managed to avoid the gravel trap  (unlike Neal and Shedden), however Terje dropped down to third as a result. Martijn Asschert was there to pick up the pieces and claim second place.


race two - reverse grid race

Race two at Oulton Park could be described in many ways… eventful, chaotic or for the spectators, entertaining and that’s all applicable before the drivers even got to turn one! After picking up damage and dropping a lap down in race one, James Birch would of been hopeful for a turnaround result in race two, especially when starting on pole in the reverse grid. His hopefulness was short lived though after a very slow start, other opportunistic drivers were scrambling left, right and centre to gain some positions. Will Martin and Duncan Marais were the first two drivers to make contact, which ordinarily would’ve ended up with both drivers continuing but being on the starting grid the chaos that entailed wouldn’t of been predicted by anyone. With almost half of the grid being caught up in the accident, drivers had to navigate their way out of the mess by taking to the grass, towing back and some drivers even having to reverse out of it. It was not the start that any of us wanted to see and one we are hopeful to never see again.

After this the race was of three kinds, those drivers who were trying their best to get their damaged cars back to the pits to begin repairs, the drivers who decided to continue with the damage they had been given those that managed to avoid the carnage and make the most of the opportunity they’d been presented with. Christopher Smith, Tom Holland and Jan Böhl were the three who managed to escape any contact and shoot off up the road best. After the disappointment of race on, Jan was quick to make the most of the opportunity by dispatching Tom and Chris by the start of lap two, from here on the Impulse driver was untouchable, taking the win by a gap of over seven seconds!

Christopher Smith drover a superb race to earn himself second place and his best result of the season so far whilst Mats Borge Anderson got up onto the podium for the TC Motortsport drivers first race meeting. With Jan’s win and Martijn Asschert coming home in sixth it was another good race for the Impulse Racing team, outscoring their main championship rivals once again. 


Martijn Asschert had the race meeting he was hoping for, being the biggest points scorer of the evening and promoting himself up into second place in the drivers standings. Terje Flåten is still topping the table but with Martijn, Dan Mould and Shane Dunn now in hot pursuit and this week showing that absolutely anything can happen in the VBTCR Championship, it’s very much still all to play for.

Impulse Racing have once again extended their lead at the top of the teams championship and with drivers from Ignium Motorsport unfortunately dropping out of the championship, Luminous Racing and Spud Motorsport have taken the second and third positions after this weeks points haul. The ever so consistent Jack Newell is continuing to hold his place as the top rookie driver and with Dom Cottenham helping to keep Simpli Digi Racing well up into the top ten of the teams standings, this season is shaping up well for the all rookie team.

Keep an eye out in this weeks broadcast for more information on the upcoming Joker round in just under a months time and find out how you can help decide which track the drivers will be heading to! As always, make sure to come back in two weeks time to see how all the drivers fair as we head to Snetterton!

Round 4 Oran Park Race Report | Season 1

Welcome to the round four race report of the VBTCR Championship. This week, the drivers took a very special trip ‘down under’ to Sydney, Australia to set some laps around a very tight and technical Oran Park Raceway. Although the venue shut down in January 2010, the benefit of sim racing is that superb tracks such as this can still be enjoyed virtually for years to come. At just 2.620 km (1.62 mi) and 12 corners, Oran Park has played host to many elite series over the years including the V8 Supercars, Australian Grand Prix and the Superbike World Championship, but now it was the turn of the VBTCR.


There is no doubt about it, Terje Flåten is firmly setting himself as the man to beat in qualifying, earning himself pole position for the third time in as many races! The Luminous Racing driver even managed to dip into the 1:10’s, with an ultimate lap time of 1:10.979! Damien Owen Harris from Fiercely Forward kept up his qualifying form with another front row start but missing out on his first pole by the slimmest of margins, with a time of 1:11.001. Andreas Gillmann would start in third, Martijn Asschert in fourth and VBTCR newcomer Jaroslaw Cebula rounding out the top 5.

race One

It was a very even start for almost all of the drivers in race one, with the grid remaining largely unchanged off the line. All 31 drivers managed to navigate lap one cleanly and on such a tight track, this was a great thing to see. Simpli Digi Racing driver Dom Cottenham was the biggest mover on lap one, getting himself up into 26th position after starting from the pit lane. 

The ever so tricky turn one would be the cause of many off tracks throughout both races but Jaroslaw Cebula from Semper Racing was the first victim of the corner, getting slightly off line and causing a huge slide into turn two. This would drop him from 7th all the way down to 14th place, although it must be said that he did an exceptionally good job of avoiding heavy contact with Jack Johns meaning that they could both continue relatively unscathed. Other drivers would not be so lucky here over the course of the evening.

Although race one was a relatively uneventful race compared to usual VBTCR standards, it was really great to see a very high standard of driving from the whole grid. Oran Park was definitely not the easiest of tracks to overtake on but all of the drivers had the planning and patience to make clean overtakes, when the time did come.

There was only one change in the top five and that was at a cost of Jaroslaw Cebula’s previously mentioned incident, where Jan Böhl would pick up the fifth place. Although Jaroslaw had a brilliant recovery to still finish in the top ten, he’s definitely a driver we are looking forward to seeing more of in the remaining rounds of the season!  Terje Flåten once again lead a race one from start to finish to pick up his third VBTCR win and his fifth podium! Ben Denyer was the biggest gainer in race one, earning himself a top ten position after starting in fourteenth.


race two - reverse grid race

The full reverse grid put Ignium Motorsport Spark driver Neil Stephenson onto pole position and he made the most of it, getting near perfect traction off the line and keeping himself out of any pressure into the first braking zone of turn two. A bit further back some running wide and a couple of ‘optimistic’ overtaking attempts sent four or five cars off onto the grass between turn one and two but almost everyone managed to continue without any major damage. 

A good start from Shane Dunn and some defensive manoeuvres from Alfie Mcgarrity gave plenty of screen time for the Spud Motorsport drivers to show off their one off ‘down under’ livery at the sharp end of the grid. Neil Stephenson was doing a fantastic job out front and was maintaining a good gap to the rest of the field but a bit of oversteer sent Christopher Emms straight into the back of Neil, effectively ending both of their races. Such a shame to see as although it was early in the race, both drivers were on for their best ever finishing positions. However, Ignium Sparks loss was the sister teams gain as Dan Mould took over the lead of the race where he would remain unchallenged for the remaining 17 minutes of the race. Although Dan has firmly been a front runner in the championship since this beginning, almost unbelievably this was his first VBTCR win! Shane Dunn followed in second with Jack Johns rounding out the podium, with both drivers also earning their best finishes of the season so far. 


It was another great couple of races for championship leader Terje Flåten; but after picking up a couple of post race penalties Dan Mould has managed to close the points gap slightly, now being just 25 points behind the first place man. Martijn Asschert  has once again maintained his third place in the standing but Andreas Gillman has now jumped ahead of Shane Dunn for fourth place.

Impulse Racing have extended their lead at the top of the teams championship with Ignium Motorsport dropping another place for the second round in a row. Luminous Racing have now taken over the second place spot. Spud Motorsport have slipped down to fourth with Insignia Racing not too far behind in fifth, Jack Newell is showing the other Rookie drivers how its done, another two consistent finishing positions for the Simpli Digi Racing driver means that he has further opened the gap to Tom Holland and Alfie Mcgarrity, the second and third place rookie drivers.

We’re already halfway through the season but the drivers and teams championships are still wide open; plus with a joker round still to come it’s impossible to predict who will come out on top! To witness the full excitement of VBTCR please have a watch of the race broadcast and make sure to come back in two weeks time to see how all the drivers fair as we bring it back to the UK for a trip to Oulton Park!

Round 3 Silverstone Race Report | Season 1

Hello and welcome to the VBTCR round three race report. This time it was off to the home of British motorsport, Silverstone in Northamptonshire, England which presented a very different challenge for the drivers this week going from the small, technical circuit of Brands Hatch and onto the 3.66 mile long Grand Prix circuit famous for it’s challenging high speed corners such as the almost flat out right hander that is copse and the ever so challenging maggots and beckets complex. Built on the site of a World War II airfield, Silverstone first hosted the British Grand Prix in 1948, a race which reportedly attracted 100,000 spectators! Silverstone remains as one of only four Grands Prix from the first year of the Formula 1 World Championship to remain a part of today’s F1 calendar. But as we know, this week was all eyes on the VBTCR and who would be able to extract the most performance out of their Audi RS3’s.


The qualifying session this week was much more about all out pace, with such a large, open track there was plenty of opportunities for all of the drivers to find some space. However, with drivers wanting to gain every advantage they could, there was a lot of squabbling for track position, knowing that a tow from another car could give them that extra tenth or two needed to get the car on pole. Once again Terje Flåten from Luminous Racing was the driver who managed to get himself on pole position for the second race in a row with another superb lap time of 2:16.074! VBTCR first timer Damien Owen Harris managed to kick of his season almost perfectly by putting his Audi onto the front row alongside Terje, being just under two tenths off of pole. Dan Mould, Martijn Asschert and Freddy Hewitt rounded out the top 5 starting positions.

race One

 Terje Flåten’s starts seem to get quicker and quicker each week, with the Luminous Racing driver shooting off the line to build himself a nice gap almost immediately. Damien however dropped all the way down to 5th by turn one, handing second position over to Dan Mould. After a great start, Freddie Hewitt picked up a slow down penalty on the opening lap which unfortunately dropped him right down towards the back of the grid. 

Race one presented us with battles all the way through the field for the entire race. We were pleased to see that it was also a very clean race, with lots of superb attacking and defending from all of the 31 drivers on the grid. Everyone finishing on the lead lap with zero retirements was a great sight to see.

Terje Flåten managed to do a fantastic job and hold his lead for the full 20 minutes, bringing it home for his second win of the season. Damien Owen Harris did well to recover from his poor start to get his car back up into second place and just 1.1 seconds behind Terje as they crossed the line! Dan Mould followed to earn his third podium of the season, Christopher Emms in fourth for his best finish so far and Neil Butler rounded out the top 5.


race two - reverse grid race

As always with VBTCR, race two meant a full reverse grid! We’ve already come to love these reverse grid races as not only does it really highlight who is able to fight their way through the field after a good result in race one but it also gives the chance for the drivers who weren’t able to nail that perfect qualifying lap to show their skills when starting up at the front of the grid. 

After his unfortunate lap one slow down penalty in race one, the reverse grid put Freddy Hewitt on pole position with Dan Thornton joining him on the front row. Tom Holland, Nick Kent and Dom Cottenham rounded out the top 5. Dan Thornton did not get the start he would of hoped for, dropping back to 8th position off of the line. This was still better than Scott Malcolm’s start to the race though, with the Team Mad Simmortal driver being spun round as he turned into the first corner and dropping him right to the back of the field. 

After getting his first VBTCR win at Brands Hatch, Silverstone did not treat Freddie Hewitt well, he entered the pit lane at the end of lap one for an unknown reason handing the race lead over to Tom Holland. The opening part of race two always seems to bring drama and this week was no different, with multiple incidents throughout the field leaving various cars with damage that they would have to carry for the remainder of the race.

Mark McCabe took the lead away from Tom Holland just a couple of laps into the race, which is where he would stay all the way up to the checkered flag, he held the pressure of Martijn Asschert hunting him down throughout the closing stages of the race, managing to just pip him to the line by 0.1 seconds! It was a superb first win for Mark and bumped him way up the championship standings to 11th place. Tom Holland seemed extremely happy with his 3rd place and first VBTCR podium which was great to hear. 


After another big points haul, Terje Flåten extended his lead in the drivers championship to Dan Mould in seconds and Martijn Asschert in third. Michael Seale couldn’t attend this round, meaning a zero points score which dropped him from third, all the way down to eleventh showing just how close the championship is already shaping up to be. Impulse Racing have now taken the top spot of the teams championship for the first time this season with Ignium Motorsport being pushed down into second place. Spud Motorsport hold their place to continue to round out the top three, but with Luminous Racing gaining traction as the season goes on we wonder if there will be more changes as we head to Oran Park in just over a weeks time. Jack Newell is still the highest placed rookie driver, however Tom Holland has his eyes on taking that top spot away from Jack and is rapidly closing in.

To witness the full excitement of VBTCR please have a watch of the race broadcast and make sure to come back in two weeks time to see how all the drivers fair as we head down under for a very special trip to Oran Park!

Round 1 Donington Race Report | Season 1

Welcome to the first ever VBTCR race report! For the inaugural round we were off to Donington Park Circuit in Leicestershire, England. Running on the larger Grand Prix layout provided us with some fantastic, close racing with plenty of overtaking opportunities in the superb Audi RS3 LMS TCR. With open qualifying, short 20 minute sprint races and a reverse grid race, it was always going to be an exciting opening couple of races.


With over 35 drivers on the grid, qualifying was not just about who was quickest, but who was able to plan their lap, get everything up to the correct temperature and find some space out on track. Martijn Asschert from Impulse Racing was the driver who managed to time everything to perfection and put in that ultimate lap with a time of 1:37.608, earning himself the first ever VBTCR pole position! Christopher Emms came ever so close, putting in a lap time just 0.087 seconds slower.

race One

After week’s of build up, multiple practice sessions and a hotly contested qualifying there was a lot of excitement going into race one, with a race length of just 20 minutes there were many drivers looking to make quick progress through the field. Leon Grames managed to do just this by gaining a huge 9 positions on the opening lap! Terje Flåten did not fair so well, being the unfortunate victim of a lap one racing incident, he was pushed off into the gravel trap at coppice sending him tumbling down the order and into 30th place.


Race one was full of midfield battles but out front Martijn Asschert was untouchable, leading every single lap from start to finish and keeping Dan Mould at bay who was consistently keeping around a second behind but couldn’t quite close on that gap and get the overtake done. Andreas Gillmann brought his car home to take P3 and put two Impulse cars up on the podium.


race two - reverse grid race

After a short break it was on to race two and a full 36 car reverse grid. There was concerns over what reversing such a large grid would do to the quality of racing but it gave exactly what we were hoping for, a real challenge for some faster drivers to battle their way through but also a great opportunity for drivers who didn’t have an ideal race one to reset, try again and put their defending skills to the test.

Turn one provided some challenges with some four car wide battles entering the braking zone. Insignia racing came off worst with both of their cars being turned sideways across the track. What then followed was 20 minutes of near constant battles, overtakes and some thoroughly entertaining racing. 

Neil Butler drove a superb race to bring home the win with Bostjan Fujs in second and Terje Flåten being able to recover from the disappointment of race one and get his first podium. Race two can’t be covered without mentioning the progress that Dan Mould made, starting way down in 35th and unbelievably bringing his Audi RS3 all the way up to 4th place.


So that was the first two races of the Virtual British TCR Championship. We had an absolute blast running this opening round and can’t wait to hit Brands Hatch in just under a weeks time.

Dan Mould came away from Donington leading the championship with his team Ignium Motorsport also taking the top spot in the teams points. Jack Newell is currently sitting nicely as the highest placed rookie driver, with some very consistent results in the first two races. However, after just one round there’s a whole lot of points to play for throughout the rest of the season, will they be able to keep that lead after round two?

To witness the full excitement of VBTCR please have a watch of the race broadcast and make sure to come back in two weeks time to see how all the drivers fair at the Brands Hatch Indy circuit.